Thursday, December 20, 2012


life began
i don't remember when 
it sent me on my way 
thru greengrass indian meadows
and rocky clay deserts, bleeding feet and clif bars
lost guitars and new jobs
to river rainforest and mountain crumbleroads
newspaper trails and hide &seek dumpsters
true friends and old ways
i found myself laughing (and even crying)
dazed and upside down, i run fast and fearless
lost, locked in and locked out

sunrise spoke to me and sunset found me
maybe because i learned how to listen and ask
i've seen beautiful things
this winding road i've biked and chased 
and i can never keep up
but i think that's the point. 

Young Blood

it's 2am, let this begin
my eyes are bright, my hands are cold
my right hand dripping red and gold 
i'll admit i'm hurt and free
despite the present treachery
you tell me that you'll come with me 
when i jump the passing train.
i'm scared as hell of life and love
and people who just see the good 
but here tonight (only with you) 
what fun to get arrested. 
i can't see straight, we're high on life
we're tripping on our own flight
you lost your shoes, and he gets the fine 
and i lose my mind tonight

these towers lead to heaven 

these tunnels lead to light

a cop somewhere is preaching 

the drunks, i hear them screeching
we're running and i'm reaching 
tell me i'm alive

we're dressed in black to mourn the loss

we're burning furnace, gold and dross
tomorrow find me at the cross
tell me i'm alive

Thursday, December 13, 2012


carry my afflictions
begging for your affections
testing your perfection 
king of thieves
like robin hood 
you broke the stocks
and paid for me 
your archery flight
crushing my crooked flint.
fend for myself 
crying outside the gate like Peter 
wash my feet again? 
stubbornness strong
will carry the church 
look me in the eyes, and i will walk on water.

Saturday, December 8, 2012


my burning bones collapse
crimson thoughts compress
bleeding righteousness
or some kind of darkness?

break the bridges
you know you tear me up inside
you're right
i'm wrong
i'm wrong
(i'm wrong)

reach for father
he has nothing to say

reach for Father
He always wants me

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nov(ember) Burning

heavy my shoulders
tell me how you failed and keep failing
teach me of traps and cages
fractured bones and disappointment
chase me down to remind me i'm afraid.

[I will outrun you]

find me in the fields 
plaid jacket, no shoes
favorite mug full of tea
the sun sinks down
i'm drunk on desire
show me your smile 
tell me i'm not made of darkness
i dream while i'm awake 
i fight to the death
i can't change the past,
but you will not change my future.

 you're with me 
you're always the same
you don't change 
just new adventure and fading scars
teach me how to build fires 
show me beautiful maps
with coves and ports
deep wells and bright mountain trails
lift my eyes up from the ground
show me the sky.

Deep October

Roaring eyes, thunder beauty
gaze locked on stormy Father eyes
child of this, you lioness-
sing the drowning dreams to life
like lullabies, new battle cries
paint the swelling fading tide
open saddest prison eyes
bring the children into life.
golden robes, your passion rages
soft in sandals, filling pages-
honey drops on ivory
glimpsing slipping ships at sea
your feet have felt the waterfall
washing tears will always fall
crush the crimson brokenness
darkest earth like glory grips.
bringing bowls of amber sky
sunset spills and children drink
soil softens, grow the seed
like heaven earth inside of me
you are fascination -
lacing lakes
and tracing aches with light
daughter of Eden
turning graves into gardens
till the dirt, broken places
break through the spaces
gather desire,
hold tight to the embers
like bronzing shield walls
and arrows remember
but dare not hide
your softened eyes.
dance at dawn by teeming stream
and fall asleep in forestry
hidden oakwood wandering
to crumble at his feet.
flaming leap from bale to bale
dusk descending, summer veil

little girl, the Lion etching
harvest heart like fire catching -
"hold my hand, I'll show you free
dark eyed wonder-

Pacific Humanity

the sky and the sea 
no definition, merging softly 
horizon hazy
blurred with fog 
why does the sea toss and turn
what terror does it witness? 
what pain has it passed over?
swallow me 'neath the tide
the blueing rise will hide 
my shallow sea legs
(I never could swim)
saltwater stinging
 like medicine burns 
down the desert dry throat 
of the restless weary 
ocean architecture 
pacific humanity ~
 let me wander 

Rain Barrel (september)

colossal things crumble 
when rain falls heavy 
to muddy the streets 
and wash the children
hiding draught and darkness
under watery wings.
to fill the cracks that groan inside
drown the weeds that grow beside
the rain barrel-spilling 
and the rivers running fast. 
open wide your clever eyes
see me standing close by
on soaked soil drinking deep.
my arms are breaking 
bright like glass
my mind is faking in this mess 
let's walk in the stormy downpour
the cloudy kingdom mourns the downfall
each raindrop an ocean, each minute a mile. 
wander to sunset where I'll find 
your smile.

Montauk Map

you are familiar 
like sandals on feet
and the sand in between 
and brightest eyes. 
sweatshirts, and hair in your face-
do you live in this place? 
or are you just visiting. 
the water rises in swells 
drenching my shorts 
all the ships in your ports 
may be sailing- 
but I'm still here. 
I can taste the salt, 
of every new sea, 
with it's watery colors
and ever-y tree 
is a story. 
the other side of the map. 
and the rocks hurt my feet
and the tears in my eyes-
'cause I'm happy.

you know this place, you're a sailboat , I know- 
and this harbor is home, beneath blue sky. 
I could write books about you 
you won't stop smiling 
your hands are cold 
and the tears in your eyes, 'cause you're happy.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Deep sea script

dream is real, not pretend
like the deep end 
crystallized memories
cut from the trees 
amber and honeybees. 
your branches sway, moved by the Wind
driftwood and glass bottle remnants 
traces of sand always linger. 

Braided beauty, i see the stories in your eyes 
what jungles have you wandered? what gardens do you hide? 

you're a kite!
glittering green 
woven from leaves 
head over heels in flight

you're a map! 
torn from a storybook
every cavern and hide
every treasure and tide
colored with ink 

your lions have no cages
your journal filled with pages
your play is bright
like a blank page, sail in the wind, write your lines
a beautiful shanty, deep sea script. 

salt stings, but you know how to heal
and befriend the shattered sharks like me
let's run away to sea
and never grow old. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012


magnetic eyes
you terrify me, tranquilize
jet black night leopard 
bright eyed bird at morning breaking
frightless, not flightless
beautiful storm, brazen sword
a Falcon. 
a compass, a flinted arrow, a tidal rise 
you know the Way
and none can quench the fire, none can change your carbon mind
steel and fire heart, bright ember- alive and growing 
traced with silver, laced with gold
lens, lightning, compose frightening

son of thunder- i've heard you sing
swimming in the flood
i've seen the innocence in you 
follow the sky 
your father is with you. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Deciphered Tiger

not delicate
I. will. decipher you.
pretend you're a clock
or a pocket watch
like precision, pristine machine
layers/locked up, rusted keys
you find strength in chains and pyrite pain. 

what makes you tick, where did your smile go? 
beautiful machinery.
combination, click, unwind
unlock, a flicker, flight, design

spinning statue, potters wheel 
code inscription, stainless steel
mechanical bee! wound up, no traction
cogs, encryption, fright and fraction 
closed, connected, perfect action
encased in layers- mirror distraction. 


you are wild fire
gold and desire 
not apparatus 
not a puzzle or trap 
not trickery
but a bleeding red Rose.
heart of stone, saturate- come alive
flaming flesh is brighter than light 
like a fiery Tiger. 
burning one, you are a storm, a rain dance-
a raging ocean, a painted sunset
not armour and idols, but a goddess
green and growing
you are poetry.

shining one, you are a sunrise
flight and freedom
singing child
my Beloved.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Desert Sky

Under the heavy desert sky
the rocky clay screams for life
and the stunning hills silently hope
for dark clouds and new rain.
the burdens hurt You and me both
the rocks crumble with dirt, and grow
in hatred and heaviness.
-reach for the cross-
where the pines watch silently
and sorrow knows when to lay down and sleep.
Broken, open- reach for life
the river begins here

Show me your pain, I will fight for you
Show me your Joy, let's dance in the rain
Show me your heart, I will only love you more.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lost River

Dirt on my hands
My eyes are getting bluer, I hope. Like the sky.
I would much rather see the dirt on my hands, than find Dirt inside.
I'm learning how to run. And sometimes, I'm still a lonely wolf.
I don't bleed very much. Only for the right reasons, like running in the pines, up the mountains-sharp rocks and dusty desert skies.
Show me where the Lost river is.
Show me how to drink, and dunk my head
and wade out deep, up to my freckled shoulders
until the blue takes me under, and sharpens my fading memories.
Can you help me walk backwards? Way back...
'til my feet are small, and I'm not so old.
Where days are summer long, and dreamed through the night.
Maybe I'm too afraid, to look into those blue eyes and see the pain
maybe it hurts too much, to see blurry tears, cold and clear,
Like the river.
Wash my feet, Lord. And my hands, and my head too.