Friday, June 7, 2013

14 miles

wind plays in your hair
the sea shining on your eyes
smalls specks of light
this makes you more alive
walk this path
invite us into this adventure
you will see every broken thing rebuilt
you believe every ship was made to sail

you are a flag in the rubble

colors dance in the darkness
you painted the scars gold
told me never to grow old

that smile has a way

of telling me i'm so wrong
not so strong
so full of shit
but you like me anyways.

June 7th

the spark in your eyes
when the sky lit up 
the pain in your eyes 
when i drank the cup
we came alive
just to survive
and cry to the stars above
i was sent to the river to pray
to bury myself in thoughts
to drown in stubborn battles
to kick against your shoves
do you love me really?
running on the path 
i'm chasing you chasing me
time moves too slowly
and tonight
you will find me
by the fire
waiting for you
to take off the blindfold
grab my hand
break down the walls
awaken my soul


those eyes have seen
so many things
witnessed pain and majesty
those eyes glint with trust 
like you know a secret:
his grace is enough
to make you smile.

those eyes remind me 
of walking on water
rain in the morning
boats in the harbor
gardens are growing
because you believe
his grace is enough
to make us smile.

those eyes can say 
so many things
i know you've found
the well to drink
those eyes are fountains
life and tears
and stormy years
don't change that living water
and you go back to find him 
at the well
i know you always say his name
but he likes to say yours more.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


i see everything
and every morning sees me
every touch deceives me
every color reads me

i see everything

and every evening sees me
every road receives me
no one ever needs me

like flowers in the morning

and brown bottles at night
every thought is past and future
nothing is tonight 

there's a message in this bottle

throw it out to sea
throw it out to see
if it comes back to me

there's a message in this bottle

i'm drinking it to see
i'm drinking it to sea
if oceans can be free


my eyes are soft
i can see everything
the wind under the door
the fire inside
leaves me on the floor
mindless reeling
is not the same as feeling it all.

regret is the pain in my side
the stab of things 
that don't make sense
your dark clothes 
are disappointment
(i can see it in my head)
but you never dress like that
and you've never even said
'i'm done with you.'
(that was me)
i cannot read the scattered signs
maybe i'm blind 
the clouds are divine
things i don't expect 
you give me again and again
my promises are nothing:
your love is everything.


written in the sand 
all the things i want to say
all the pain in the way 
of me and you

hidden underneath

all the things that i hate
all the waves overtake
me and you

walking on the shore

i throw it all out to sea
all the words in between
me and you

Saturday, June 1, 2013


i was born between midnight and dawn
when the wind finds the water 
dreaming again.
they put me in a boat 
with sea shells and sharks teeth 
the clouds swam
she was in the sky above
the moon a pearl necklace
around her forgotten face

i was born blinded
from the bright sins of my father
my brothers rope around my wrist 
shut inside a child's fist
a hidden kiss

i was born crying
when the day began
the sunrise was white
like bleached cowries 
sheets on the line
baby's face is mine
white like the sails
on the boats 
in the morning

Long Island

when we leave 
it all blurs past 
light blue sky
gold on the windows 
sunrise flickers and hides 
behind green trees
i have nothing to decide
i've never seen this morning 
i never slept last night
i've never breathed quite right
your words hang in my mind 
and no one looks me in the eye