Sunday, February 11, 2018

it hurt too much

I was running 
At a ferocious pace
keeping you at arms length 
because it hurt too much 

I was losing 
at an atrocious rate 
keeping it at bay 
because it hurt too much 

and you just
made that face
and looked away
cause it hurt too much 

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


jack, don’t look back 
i know you’d take the flak 
i know you fell to your knees 
and cried, when you heard about that 

jack, i know you’re in too deep 
is there a heart to keep?
is there something to find 
under the rubble heap? 

your daughter, grew into a mother 
she named her wildest son after you
your princess, she grew into a lover 
but she still talks about you
talks about you 


my soul 
has dreamed of rest
of quiet 
here, within the storm
of peace 
within this race we run 
my heart has hungered
for going home 
and breathing in 
and letting go 
and taking in, 
not shutting out 
the reckless love
surrounding us


i think about you often 
i think about your eyes 
unimpressed or content
trying to understand 
slow to speak 
easy to follow 
but it takes patience
to hear your thoughts unfold 

slow moving 
moving forward
your emotions 
are quite overwhelming 
your thoughts 
are always delving 
deeper than i do 
deeper than 
i’d like to think 
you’re nervous 
but you hide it well 
you play it cool 
hoping, and
and ready for the ride
for someone who feels 
so unsteady, 
you are pretty steady 

you look back, 
you look forward
you soak it in
you look inward 
if you’re asking me
maybe too much
you look into me, 
and it makes me hush

all the stars are closer

all the stars are closer
when you’re near 
the trees aren’t going 
although they move 
and so do i 
the smoke will fade
into the sky 
although you’re here 
you’re far away 
the night is dark 
we dream of day 
i hear your heartbeat 
in the cold 
i realize that 
we’re growing old

Sunday, January 21, 2018


you took 
forever and a day 
to smoke a cigarette 
your eyes far were away 
and you wouldn’t let 
me in 

Friday, January 19, 2018

it’s funny what makes you feel

it’s funny what makes you feel again 
when your sister sighs 
and says, you’re crazy 
but i love you
when your friend says 
im worried about you, friend 
it seems like you’re drowning 
but you’re not crazy 
and another says 
it’ll be okay, you’re not alone
it’s funny what makes you feel something
like the traffic lights 
by my parents house
they’re a different color,
like coke bottle green 
it’s funny what makes you feel 
like film photographs
with all those faces 
i hate the screen, but 
i keep charging my phone
because im afraid 
i’ll lose all the photos
i keep paying in change 
to remember those days
it feels more real
i keep driving you home
and taking it slow 
i keep singing that song
the one we both know
over and over again 
im not sick of it 
it makes me feel 
& it’s funny 
what makes you feel again