Thursday, December 14, 2017

plans for me

All your testimonies 
Are written on my arms 
Written in the stars
Your plans for me 

last day in november

i don’t mind 
golden leaves 
leaving trees
reaching out 
reminding me 

i can’t see 
beyond the photos 
that’s the past 
but i don’t remember 
its the last 
day in November 

night swallows day

I will be here 
I’ll prop you up, 
in a makeshift way 
I’ll help you stand
when night swallows day 

Sunday, November 19, 2017


you were a loose cannon 
my little trainwreck
staying in the peripheral
at the edges of my life 
you move fast, 
and drink slow
looking for the right song
and none of them fit

remember that Friday? 
we rode in a helicopter 
i gasped at the view 
i could see beyond this 

remember my birthday? 
i cried at my party
happy and sad
at the same time 
i was looking for the right song
and none of them would fit

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


i remember 
the dark that was heavy 
hindering, binding 
i couldn’t sleep 

you wrapped me up tight
gentle and right 
spoke to the silence 
with words that i had 
no answer for

sing to my silence
speak over my noise
lift up my head, 
and i will rejoice 

trouble with boys

Your trouble with boys 
hurts like white noise 
wash up on the concrete 
wake and rejoice 

Your trouble with boys
drowning you out 
blurring your colors 
to shadow and doubt

all your trouble with men
stings on the skin 
like a tattoo, begin
with beautiful sin 

i don’t know how to
step into view 
to sink or to swim
to reach out and touch you 

Your trouble with boys
it hurts like the sunrise
somebody’s sunset
somebody’s morning 

i used to know you 
i used to know how
to unearth a smile 
to see you somehow

Monday, November 13, 2017

i know your birthday

Your eyes search 
Looking into me
What do you see? 

Your words speak 
Try to teach me
What reaches me? 

Your hands reach
out to touch me
maybe cautiously 

You come come after me
maybe aimlessly 
like the falling leaves
but they have a fire 
they burn and
they breathe
yellow and gold
wind and relief 

i couldn’t remember
all that you said
my heart doesn’t feel it 
but it’s in my head 
i couldn’t remember 
what I wanted to say
i’m eager to leave
but wanting to stay 

i can’t recall 
the normal things
color of your eyes, 
emotional thing 
i know your blood type
i hear when you sing
i am here, i’m not listening 

i cannot recall 
the easiest things 
tone of your voice, 
color of your skin
i know your birthday
i know your best friend 
i am here, would you stay with me