Monday, October 9, 2017

So Close

You were so close 
you could see into me
And I didn't like
all the things you could see
You were so close 
I couldn't believe
It hurt if you even tried to touch me 

I was so far
I just couldn’t conceive 
you running and chasing 
and coming for me
I was so dirty
I couldn’t believe
That you hugged me 
and held me 
you won’t let me leave.


sky's still blue 
grass still green 
wind still smooth 
snow still mean 
earth still soft 
road still free
I'm still here 
come to me

New Tattoo

It's sunny in Kansas City 
but my heart still hurts 
like a new tattoo 
like my face in the cold 
in my very first fight 
it was two on one
and I have a mind
that is triggered like a gun 
I have an anger 
that lights me up, 
puts my heart in danger
of giving up 
of going cold, of growing older
my heart still feels 
like a mountain boulder 

it's sunny in Kansas City 
but my heart still stings 
like the slap of the waves 
salt on the wounds
pain that it brings

but you are the bedrock 
on which I stand 
you are the rock 
in the city of sand 
my roots are deep
I will not fold 
but I need a fathers 
hand to hold


You were still reeling from losing your father
& talking with me was a cold glass of water
you weren't ok, tried to keep it together
we held on tight and outran the weather

The Sound

Are the feeling 
Of seeing the first star
by the car 
In the city,
where we can't see many
are the porch
on a summer night 
in the city,
where the boys are ready
Are the sound
of cicadas and fans
And all of the white noise 
That we call home

Sunday, September 24, 2017


You never thought
you never dreamed 
to see things bursting 
at the seams
Your smile real 
Your eyes are true 
But it's just
Overtaking you 

I didn't plan
my life to be
to play just like 
a funny movie 
I guess you're just 
a sight to see
and I'm a tourist
passing through 
to watch the show 
and never have you 
I didn't know 
my life would feel 
just quite like this 
but no one did 

I don't mean to play the victim 
I can't see beyond the friction 
the low is dark, the high is heaven
you come and go and come again
I don't think you're an addiction 
but you just seem to take, no giving

I'm just a tourist passing through
to see the sights and never have you 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Kissed by the Sun

You're looking better 
Kissed by the sun 
(yeah, but you can't see 
the things I've done)
You're looking brighter 
Have you finally won? 
(You can't imagine, all that needs redone)