Wednesday, May 2, 2018

soft hunger

peel back the layer
pull back the covers
of the morning 
run your eyes, 
and open wide 
listen to the quiet 
feel the sore muscles
the soft hunger 
the ache of memory 
when you remember, suddenly 
the things you already know
but they hurt again, each time


you didn’t tell me 
i didn’t know how
it wasn’t your fault 
i’ll fix it somehow 
i never waited
i always moved on
usually happy 
singing a song 
it was my dad
words that he said
stabbed into me
left me for dead
it was your mom
her curious judgement
they couldn’t keep
in step with our movement 

raindrop rose

i think that song 
that was inside 
it may be gone, 
it may just hide- 
when things get rocky 
and change again 
i run out of words
i don’t understand 

well gosh, 
the pain
it comes and goes
It’s smells like smoke 
and raindrop rose
it makes me think
of all the things
i guess i said 
and didn’t mean 

and seeing you, 
it feels like rain 
i don’t quite know
just what to say
i smile,
and i nod my head
and try again
to wake the dead

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


it’s on the road 
it rides the tumbling wind
its in the load
that i carry, again
it’s on the windshield
in small rivers of rain
it looks like hope
but it’s feeling like pain


stars, they still
my restless movement
quieting down
my beating heart
friend, you still
have eyes to see me
ears to hear
my fading heart

Monday, February 26, 2018


walk with me 
tell me about your troubles 
this life, it isn’t so bad 
but it is hard
with all of its shattered pieces
it is pretty beautiful 
although we are still rebuilding
and im not sure 
which piece goes where
i’ll admit, there are some years 
that i don’t remember all that much
because we move forward
putting one foot
in front of the other 
the road,
it hasn’t been so bad
it’s covered in leaves
and forgotten dreams
but im happy to walk it with you. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

it hurt too much

I was running 
At a ferocious pace
keeping you at arms length 
because it hurt too much 

I was losing 
at an atrocious rate 
keeping it at bay 
because it hurt too much 

and you just
made that face
and looked away
cause it hurt too much