Saturday, December 20, 2014


i cut myself for you 
tattoos, stinging 
raw & real 
ink and blood
i saw you in the flood 
i hung on each word 
like a magazine 
all the dreams 
torn to smithereens 
crocodile tears 
saltwater fears 
i learned to swim 
over the years 
i couldn't breathe 
cause i was done 
no hand could heal 
the things that stung
wild animals 
i hang on tight 
i let them run 

Friday, December 5, 2014


we are the rebels
the revolutionaries 
im hidden in the crowd 
happy in the quiet 
face to face with the onset 
the words just surface 
i am not jaded 
faded or failing 
the words are just sailing 
i drained all the bitter 
I am not the reaction 
of spiritual faction
im causing a ruckus 
my little existence 
im making waves
just to surf 
in this hopeful resistance 
you love my face
my clothes & my family
but love my words, 
my spells and my curses 
love is the vein 
I never rehearse this 
not a reckless yell 
a song over coffee
let's drink for a spell 
im sorry im honest 
im doing well
i remember at sunrise 
we're heaven in hell