Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tangled Blue

your words are wild
like the tangled blue
my backpack is light
when i walk with you
and i'll push you,
'cause i want you near
your voice i think i need to hear
roar like a thousand lions
like a thousand waterfalls
renewing the mind 

swing wide

you stubborn
rusty doors
open, ribcage
wide enough
to resurrect anew
wash the fading hues
reinvent my rivers
your eyes 
they give me shivers
You see right through the blue

Sunday, October 6, 2013

October Embers

bright leaves falling, fire on the wind
i've seen you grow golder 
i've seen you ascend 
each amber drop 
from the sunrise you bring
told me to laugh
and taught me to sing

You are the water through fern canyon
tides on long island, dreams in the mountains
trinidad speaks of your restart
new songs are humming inside your throat
redwoods are growing inside your heart
your visions like lassen dragonflies,
october embers burn in your eyes
hold his hand tightly, music inside
october will always
find you alive