Sunday, July 28, 2013


(i am the river)
cold clear water 
relieve my tangled thoughts 
relive the battles lost
no longer 

(i am the interstate)
carry me through the night
reaching the other side
recalling the turning tide
no longer 

(i am the mountain range)
follow me on the drive
burn in the back of my mind 
regretting the younger side
no longer 

drive to the cloudy coast
in the morning 
telling me stories
of wide open hearts.


if i had arms
i'd reach across
this great expanse
and hold your hand

if i had legs 
i'd walk the plank 
down the dirt road
into your mercy

if i had a heart
i'd drum the days
and dance in the dark
i'd bleed and understand

if i was brave
i'd surf the disaster
and swim with the sharks
not hide my laughter

if i had a face
i'd paint it with grace
my tears would be real
my eyes would be blue

i'm always reflecting
my half resurrection
i'm still waiting for you
to come into view


over the bridges
blue lake brighter
than the sky in June
give me time
to think of words to say
to make you look this way
i'll carry it with you
if you promise to stay.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


sunset around me 
sadness surround me 
and override the madness
falling through the branches 
it clings to humid air
it follows me, i swear

dusk all around me
concrete surround me
to surf the breaking street
burning in between
the sadness underneath
peace: anywhere but here

grace follows you, i swear
i heard it inside
of the quiet goodbye
i saw it glisten
in the corner of your eyes
like dragonflies
just touching the surface 
of serene summer night
the colors of flight 
daring to land 
on the grandest design
rippling lake 
lights up the night 

Saturday, July 20, 2013


mountainside stretches
far and wide
like maps laid out to dry
still wet with ink
heather and sage 
and indian paintbrushes 
trees lean above me
towers and canopies
they listen to me 
and offer no piece
and the flowers just sing
in spite of my flaws
i don't follow the cause
i won't follow your laws
i'd rather see your face
just show me your claws
meet me there
dragonflies in the air
ripples on the lake
sunlight on your hair 
that's just how i feel 
in the deep mountain air 
a thousand small rivers 
run here within
and ten thousand voices
i won't let them in

i've gotta find you 
i've gotta know
rivers are running 
to valleys below
the rocks that i'm throwing 
are sinking beneath 
to drown out the grief 
some sort of relief
and the trail unending 
just leads back to me 

Friday, July 5, 2013


i need to know 
if grace can reach this far
if sun can set apart 
my silhouette
if days blur into one 
if half written songs can be sung 
i need to know
i am not half-hearted 
it was me that started this fight 
it was you i wrestled all night 
i need to know that my pain has a color 
that bleeds with the sunset 
that my joy swells in the morning,
when i greet the dawn

love unending
love surrendering
grace is erasing
it's me i am facing

white paint over 
the broken places
pictures, faces
i do not regret 
i cannot repent 
and you hug me anyways.