Monday, November 30, 2015


Spinning vinyl 
Your words are whispers 
Between the lines
Each track scratches 
Im under the hatchet 
hoping for a quick death 
prayer every breath 
crying for a way 
I've run fast enough 
yelled loud enough 
and I'm down on my knees 
In the mud on these local trails 
But what it entails 
is a death inside 
a breakdown again 
this is my last chance 
I reach for the wind 
regret all my sin
i open the door 
and I let you in 

I'm empty 
it's ok 
I'm waiting to be filled again
with stuff that's new
more like honey
more like rain 
smoother than coffee 
deeper than pain

Mother, Father

I'm related to you 
Your blood boils in my veins 
Your hurt runs in small pipes 
Hydrating me 

I'm related to you 
They say I've got my fathers eyes
I see you in my compromise 
They hear you when my words are wise

I came from you 
I run from all your reckless motions 
I carry rivers, your emotions 
Each and every heavy notion

You're my father 
They say my eyes just have a look 
my days are written in your book 
I threw away the pain and took 
Something lighter 

You're my mother 
I didn't really ever breathe 
then you walked in, rocked me to sleep 
You wake me every morning 
to watch the sun bringing relief 


goddamn, it burned, and i let go
of the fiery heart that you once knew 
it sang like a bluebird 
it crowed like pan 
it's colors were painting all over your plan 
but your eyes were angry 
when I let it grow 

goddamn, it shook, so I shut it down 
it cracked like an earthquake 
it howled like the wind 
it tossed and turned, didn't let me win
but your eyes, annoyed 
when I let it breathe 

goddamn! it hurt, so I closed the door 
did you see the blood? 
it cried like a newborn 
and cursed like a sailor 
it yelled like a angry, forgotten teenager 
and your eyes were sad 
when I let it die