Friday, September 23, 2016


The magic of the first time, 
I never felt again 
I hate to see you seeing, 
The stitches on my skin 

Summer flew 
And landed somewhere
The place where lost things go 
I wonder if you're living
With someone or alone 

The pain of the first time 
I feel again, again 
I'd love to see you loving 
Someone outside your skin 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Summer Sweat

Summer let
Us unravel again 
Fall into sin 
Swim in the deep end 
And come up for air 

Summer sweat 
Your words are irrelevant 
Lying here 
It's the same, but different 
You tell me you want it 
But I know you don't

Summer spent
Everything I gave it
Time is the payment
Of late nights and pavement
100 sunsets
I awoke next to you 

Don't Hide

I don't pretend to know 
The pain that you feel 
The bitter appeal 
Memories still real

I don't pretend to think 
Your thoughts (you don't speak)
I'll question and prod 
To pry them free 

I don't pretend to have 
a place in the space 
that you hold deep inside
But I won't let you hide

No Stars in the City

On a new rooftop 
I stare at the sky 
blurry black
no stars in the city 
no tears for the angry
no rest for the weary 

I called before 
You answered each time 
I was shocked 
We talked again 
For 23 minutes 
Which is longer 
than I've talked with my dad 
In the last year 

You stopped by 
Just to say hi 
I held my breath 
Self conscious 
Of every movement, every step 
dirt on my skin and word that I said 
You held me close 
Til I stopped squirming 
Until I relaxed
And hugged you back