Tuesday, November 22, 2016


I was crippled 
Shriveled and sad
But you commanded me 
Shook me off my sickbed
I picked up my mat and walked 

I was dangerous 
reckless and angry
Self destructive, at the tombs 
But you showed me mercy
Clothed me and calmed me 
I was made clean 

I was born blind 
and utterly sinful 
but you opened my eyes
washed me clean 
To glorify You 

I was sick 
Mentally ill 
Heartbroken, still 
But you called me daughter 
Wrote in the dust 
And sent me, forgiven 

I was dead 
wrapped in grave clothes
The one you loved 
You wept in sadness 
Then called my name
And walked me home 

I was crucified 
A thief next to you 
miserable shame 
I called your name 
Remember me, Lord
Nothing to give 
and still you forgive 
dying, I Live

Monday, November 21, 2016


I took my first breath
a cold, sharp gasp
bursting into the world
terribly bright and warm 
I made a fist 
around your finger 
holding on
The first words I heard
Were yours 

I took my first breath
a dark, smoky feeling 
drowning in the world 
wonderfully painful and dark 
I made a fist 
gave you the finger 
hanging on
all the words I heard 
Were mine 

I awoke 
and took my first breath
a cold, startling gasp 
breaking into the world 
Terribly bright and new
I make a fist
around your finger 
I hold on tight 
And the first words I hear 
Are yours 


I am sin
dust and skin
I open doors and let it in
I ran away and tried to breathe 
But lungs weren't made for skies like these
Born to live and fall apart 
Born to die, and to restart
I walk the line of resurrection
My emptiness for your affection

Thursday, November 17, 2016


The heaviness 
with hands on my temples 
grips my attention 
blurs my focus 
grasping for the heart within 
I hammock in the stillness
sleeping to pass the time 
cradled in darkness 
dreams are pain 
and waking is painful 
memories are real 
life is surreal 
so why am I 
Alone in the darkness
I don't mind the headache 
the migraine is heavy 
sunlight hurts
I cling to the words 
that a man once wrote 
alone in a cave 
cradled in darkness 
I'll sing them again 
and keep on at this 
"my light, my rock
you are my fortress"