Monday, January 28, 2013

Summer Tracks

run through tall grass
off the path
holes in my shoes, rips in my jeans
i'm searching for you, come alive
the sunlight stunning in the air
i've seen your smile, but it's been a year.

do you remember the rope swing?
and how we talked in the trees
cursing our parents cause we didnt know
fighting our friends for something to show
never thinking we could really leave
dreaming of neverland and stormy seas

meet me at the tracks
to rant and run and yell at the world
cry at the memories, laugh at the devil
breaking sticks and promises
throwing down what we couldn't carry
we're not much older really
you always make me smile
like kids in the quicksand
climbing cliffs with cigars and guns
praying for adventure (we knew it would come)

meet me at the tracks
trace the rusted steel
walk the line between fake and real
waiting for trains and transcendence
running from anyone, jumping the fences
tell me your stories and crazy dreams
i told you we'll fix the breaking seams

i tell you you're a poet and you tell me i'm a pirate,
and you love me anyways.

in the end we decided:
shoes are unnecessary 
mountains are in our wake
oceans are in our reach 
dreams are the road we take 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Seven seas

your silent sails sent me spinning
choking compass just beginning
create some plan, some road, some rope
to pull me out and send me home
i don't remember falling
just the softest earth below
i'm wishing in the dryest well
i'm digging for the gold.

i heard the daylight calling
i felt the tide, i swear
the broken only break things
so i will meet you there

i felt the deck beneath me
and the chains are a just a feeling
and the pain is always fleeting
so my sea legs carry on

kidnapped or runaway,
captain or stowaway?
is there a difference?

Seven seas and summer days, i am a slave to this
7 deadly sins, and on the Seventh day we rest.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


I was born a scoundrel
I sailed a different sea
Hook stood beside me always 
to catch my every dream 

you don't want to know me 
you cannot see the deep
I climb the highest clouds
but can't forget the misery 

the door swung wide to come for me 
the anchor sunk below 
the bloodline bought the bounty 
and I'm crying as it crows 

Peter walked on water 
to take hold of the truth
Peter went to never land
to hold onto his youth

I was born a dreamer 
I painted silver ships
I sat upon the seashore
with gleaming fingertips

find me at the bottle
forgetting all the pain 
find me at the river
remembering my name

Thursday, January 10, 2013


late nights, old stories, new names 
you told me I've changed
and we barely slept. 
early morning i feel the pain
and we pack a few things 
like sweaters and boots and dangerous ideas
on the open highway, looking for mountains (and meaning)
yes we're half crazy
 but it's good to know 
that you want me safe
and you notice when I'm gone.

sad smile, hug me tightly
and tell me I don't have to call
and I wonder why I held your hand

chase me down
my heart is a boomerang 
try and catch it 
 but i know no one can.