Saturday, July 18, 2015

Navy green & ocean blue

I've walked this path 
when my jeans were muddy 
my wounds were recent 
and I reveled in my disasters
flaunting every cast and cut
the sun would sink when I woke up 
I've walked these rocks 
When the smoke was thrilling 
my phone was dead
and your dad had said 
you had to leave 
but we left a trail 
your sister cried 
we tried to hide 
and slept in the back yard 
under the moon 
clothes still wet
navy green 
& ocean blue 
I always felt 
more real with you 

Fourth of July

You had the look 
of a wounded animal 
red, white, and blue 
blood, bone, and bruise  
we hadn't spoken 
since the stars & stripes 
the beginning of time 
since I made you and raised you 
and gave you a name 
twinless & sinless 
gunpowder grey 
no one can see this 
nobodies business 
the bunkers you're in 
shrapnel is buried 
under the skin 
green gold desire 
mortars light up 
flowers of fire 
under the sky
we chose to be smaller 
you'd rather have pain 
your smile, insane
your plane touches down 
on American plain