Thursday, December 20, 2012


life began
i don't remember when 
it sent me on my way 
thru greengrass indian meadows
and rocky clay deserts, bleeding feet and clif bars
lost guitars and new jobs
to river rainforest and mountain crumbleroads
newspaper trails and hide &seek dumpsters
true friends and old ways
i found myself laughing (and even crying)
dazed and upside down, i run fast and fearless
lost, locked in and locked out

sunrise spoke to me and sunset found me
maybe because i learned how to listen and ask
i've seen beautiful things
this winding road i've biked and chased 
and i can never keep up
but i think that's the point. 

Young Blood

it's 2am, let this begin
my eyes are bright, my hands are cold
my right hand dripping red and gold 
i'll admit i'm hurt and free
despite the present treachery
you tell me that you'll come with me 
when i jump the passing train.
i'm scared as hell of life and love
and people who just see the good 
but here tonight (only with you) 
what fun to get arrested. 
i can't see straight, we're high on life
we're tripping on our own flight
you lost your shoes, and he gets the fine 
and i lose my mind tonight

these towers lead to heaven 

these tunnels lead to light

a cop somewhere is preaching 

the drunks, i hear them screeching
we're running and i'm reaching 
tell me i'm alive

we're dressed in black to mourn the loss

we're burning furnace, gold and dross
tomorrow find me at the cross
tell me i'm alive

Thursday, December 13, 2012


carry my afflictions
begging for your affections
testing your perfection 
king of thieves
like robin hood 
you broke the stocks
and paid for me 
your archery flight
crushing my crooked flint.
fend for myself 
crying outside the gate like Peter 
wash my feet again? 
stubbornness strong
will carry the church 
look me in the eyes, and i will walk on water.

Saturday, December 8, 2012


my burning bones collapse
crimson thoughts compress
bleeding righteousness
or some kind of darkness?

break the bridges
you know you tear me up inside
you're right
i'm wrong
i'm wrong
(i'm wrong)

reach for father
he has nothing to say

reach for Father
He always wants me