Monday, December 19, 2016

Navy Green

You were a sky
like the Fourth of July
When we first met
I spoke for the first time 
And you heard me 
When I cried the first time, 
you kissed me 
When I left for the first time, 
you missed me 
I was a shield 
tightly guarded 
in self preservation 
But you, 
You were an open door 
You wanted to throw
your arms around the world 
You cried about the things 
That I didn't even notice  
And you wrote about the things 
I couldn't even see
you saw colors like navy green

But life happened 
It came in like a wrecking ball
And broke every window 
in your hotel heart 
I've watched you fall apart 
It's slow and it's pretty 
It's not very noticeable, 
unless you look closely 
The cracks in your heart 
Are the fault lines the threaten 
The very earth might give way 
So I pray for the day
That you cry and you say 
I can't live this way

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