Saturday, April 12, 2014

India Ink

remember the night 
sharp stars
on india ink skies
the tiger smiles
when we fly

remember the night
drums echo inside
the lions within
we never cry

remember the night
we're summer high
we lie in the street
dream of elephant eyes

let go of the night
you're right beside
the tiger smiles 
when we cry


i pray my sister finds the ocean
where all the beauty swims
i pray my brother climbs the mountain
where everything begins 
i hope that all the pain inside
is drowned in april rain
i know that when we wake up
we'll see the sun again


chapters blur
wet paint and dried blood
we tried pain, we tried love
i'm shooting it up
i'm in a control, i'd imagined
but i'm just a kite on the wind
dizzy from the spin
bike stolen again 
i will take it all in
what scene is this?
what piece did i miss?
what motive in the kiss?
this story will write me 
and i will write it 
i'm listening, father
what is all this?
your words are straight salt 
my heart is a wound 
i am new clothes 
there's an empty tomb
but my lungs are the same
my golden hair, longer
my thoughts do not wander:
i've found you