Thursday, April 7, 2016

Brown Eyes

I believe in your future 
I believe in the sunset ahead of you
the road that's behind you 
Will straighten out

I believe in your voice 
You'll sing again 
Your Brown eyes, warm 
Your fathers grin 
I believe your eyes will cry again 

I believe in the river in your blood 
I believe in the stars that sing above 
You just have to keep on asking, love

July 14th, 2015

I'm sorry I was far away 
I'm sorry I was disengaged 
I'm sorry for the tidal wave 

The pain pressed tightly from all sides 
The darkness finally reached my eyes
and in the mirror, I realized 
a face I didn't recognize 

I held my world inside a fist 
You were a face I wouldn't kiss 
I fell again, only to miss 
the lesson in the mess of this 

I'm sorry I was underage 
I'm sorry I was renegade 
I'm sorry for the price you paid 

The earth was tipping towards you
My life was slipping out of reach 
I tried to fall apart 
But tried to hold it underneath 

I'm sorry I was see through 
I'm sorry I could not break through 
I'm sorry I couldn't carry you 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Family Resemblance

I want to live for you
not just exist, like a lizard in the sun 
but really live 
diving deep 
silver in the river 
splashing and swimming
and flipping my tail 

I want to cry for you 
not just feel sorry 
but rivers inside me 
smoothing, eroding 
the jagged rocks 

I want to feel you 
not momentary emotion 
but earthquakes that shatter 
and shock my heart to life 

I want to find you 
not just a book 
but a path through the woods
blood on my knees 
looking for seeds 
to grow in the garden. 

I want to be you 
not just a friend
Your blood in my veins 
Your words in my mind 
My family, they walk and talk like you 
People will tell me I'm looking like you 
I will just tell them 
It's not me, it's you