Sunday, March 6, 2016


(one year ago) 

the map is inside me 
the lines divide the states of mind 
I recall and replay 
every place that felt like home 
every time I felt okay 
I need a father to remind me I am young 
I need a little sister to show me I am older
I need an intervention 
to derail the train I'm on 
I need a mother just to 
hold me when I try to run 
my need 
for nicotine 
for wandering 
for everything 
can you just color me
make me 
a sight to see 
my shattered 
self esteem 
my blue eyes 
are watering 
the way you 
walk with me 
the hill top 
is soft beneath 
the stars are just whispering 
trying not to bother me 
I can't 
explain these things 
i don't want to be so mean
questions are threatening
i just want to learn to breathe