Tuesday, November 22, 2016


I was crippled 
Shriveled and sad
But you commanded me 
Shook me off my sickbed
I picked up my mat and walked 

I was dangerous 
reckless and angry
Self destructive, at the tombs 
But you showed me mercy
Clothed me and calmed me 
I was made clean 

I was born blind 
and utterly sinful 
but you opened my eyes
washed me clean 
To glorify You 

I was sick 
Mentally ill 
Heartbroken, still 
But you called me daughter 
Wrote in the dust 
And sent me, forgiven 

I was dead 
wrapped in grave clothes
The one you loved 
You wept in sadness 
Then called my name
And walked me home 

I was crucified 
A thief next to you 
miserable shame 
I called your name 
Remember me, Lord
Nothing to give 
and still you forgive 
dying, I Live

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