Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rushing Wind

they come at night 
kids with crowbars 
to scream and rage 
and break the pane 
til the cops come to fake
and see if im okay
but im fine-
and while i learn to fly
down the concrete hill
let that rushing wind
clear out the dust
from my broken lungs
break open my rib cage
and steal my beating heart.

and you come in the morning 
when my peace has drained
my mind filled with promise
broken again 
heavy doses of pain 
i'm ready to take
but you drank that cup
and passed me the grace
in a heavy mug.

and i take a deep breath-
that rushing wind,
it makes all the difference.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


the garden grows wild
the graveyard is ours
each tear to water 
the stepping stones
and cornerstones
in a breaking home
each laugh to cut 
the cold clear streams 
through granite boulders
each yell to shake 
the earth beneath
each word for me to hang on 
each drop for me to drink
run to make the foxes flee
smoke the song in memory
each footstep a way to realize
i began to seek and find 
and my life began to break me 
and i know the days 
they got too dark 
for us to see 
but i'm okay with waking up 
to pounding feet
slamming screens 
children's voices 
and all my choices 
fade to green 

Sunday, August 11, 2013


sunlight is new and old
renewing of the mind
is pain and breaking
grace fills the spaces
the empty places
settles in the cracks
of the sidewalk
where the daring things grow

carry my affliction
i'm looking for stepping stones
jumping puddles alive
reflection is shocking
i'm different than before.


redwood heart, living and dead
like the twisted tangled forest
the giants only fall
does it even beat at all?
your fingers in the roots
tearing at the rotting fruit
feel the fibers- is it you?
or the blood that's running through
toss and turning like the sea
all the things that shattered me
those arrows bleeding deep
and i only want to breathe.

run through tangled forestry 
and i swear you'll always see the sea

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


your footsteps burnt 
holes in the floor
splintered doors
cracks in the ceiling
like the san andreas fault 
and every safe and vault
was robbed and emptied
the floor shook beneath 
laughing at me
proof that it's me 
and my fault lines that bring
this valley to ruin.
i fled to the coast
to find new weather
more viking than victor.

and most days, it's true
i am drunk on disaster
and i swim with the shattered 
sharks to be wild
and i swing with a sword
that i built as a child
your grace makes me golden
i'm no exception
it's looking for hope
it washes me clean
it hurts and it stings
and runs down my face
to drown out the pain
to settle in the breaks
of my thirsty being

Brandy Creek

light filters softly
through these shallows
emerald green water 
not as shallow as me
speaks in the rhythms   
in the ripples from afar
in quiet voices
that i push aside
i've heard that many times
and it still doesn't sink
like the rocks beneath 
bend in reflection
thoughts are hazy
there's no one 
shallow as me 
shallow as me