Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nov(ember) Burning

heavy my shoulders
tell me how you failed and keep failing
teach me of traps and cages
fractured bones and disappointment
chase me down to remind me i'm afraid.

[I will outrun you]

find me in the fields 
plaid jacket, no shoes
favorite mug full of tea
the sun sinks down
i'm drunk on desire
show me your smile 
tell me i'm not made of darkness
i dream while i'm awake 
i fight to the death
i can't change the past,
but you will not change my future.

 you're with me 
you're always the same
you don't change 
just new adventure and fading scars
teach me how to build fires 
show me beautiful maps
with coves and ports
deep wells and bright mountain trails
lift my eyes up from the ground
show me the sky.

Deep October

Roaring eyes, thunder beauty
gaze locked on stormy Father eyes
child of this, you lioness-
sing the drowning dreams to life
like lullabies, new battle cries
paint the swelling fading tide
open saddest prison eyes
bring the children into life.
golden robes, your passion rages
soft in sandals, filling pages-
honey drops on ivory
glimpsing slipping ships at sea
your feet have felt the waterfall
washing tears will always fall
crush the crimson brokenness
darkest earth like glory grips.
bringing bowls of amber sky
sunset spills and children drink
soil softens, grow the seed
like heaven earth inside of me
you are fascination -
lacing lakes
and tracing aches with light
daughter of Eden
turning graves into gardens
till the dirt, broken places
break through the spaces
gather desire,
hold tight to the embers
like bronzing shield walls
and arrows remember
but dare not hide
your softened eyes.
dance at dawn by teeming stream
and fall asleep in forestry
hidden oakwood wandering
to crumble at his feet.
flaming leap from bale to bale
dusk descending, summer veil

little girl, the Lion etching
harvest heart like fire catching -
"hold my hand, I'll show you free
dark eyed wonder-

Pacific Humanity

the sky and the sea 
no definition, merging softly 
horizon hazy
blurred with fog 
why does the sea toss and turn
what terror does it witness? 
what pain has it passed over?
swallow me 'neath the tide
the blueing rise will hide 
my shallow sea legs
(I never could swim)
saltwater stinging
 like medicine burns 
down the desert dry throat 
of the restless weary 
ocean architecture 
pacific humanity ~
 let me wander 

Rain Barrel (september)

colossal things crumble 
when rain falls heavy 
to muddy the streets 
and wash the children
hiding draught and darkness
under watery wings.
to fill the cracks that groan inside
drown the weeds that grow beside
the rain barrel-spilling 
and the rivers running fast. 
open wide your clever eyes
see me standing close by
on soaked soil drinking deep.
my arms are breaking 
bright like glass
my mind is faking in this mess 
let's walk in the stormy downpour
the cloudy kingdom mourns the downfall
each raindrop an ocean, each minute a mile. 
wander to sunset where I'll find 
your smile.

Montauk Map

you are familiar 
like sandals on feet
and the sand in between 
and brightest eyes. 
sweatshirts, and hair in your face-
do you live in this place? 
or are you just visiting. 
the water rises in swells 
drenching my shorts 
all the ships in your ports 
may be sailing- 
but I'm still here. 
I can taste the salt, 
of every new sea, 
with it's watery colors
and ever-y tree 
is a story. 
the other side of the map. 
and the rocks hurt my feet
and the tears in my eyes-
'cause I'm happy.

you know this place, you're a sailboat , I know- 
and this harbor is home, beneath blue sky. 
I could write books about you 
you won't stop smiling 
your hands are cold 
and the tears in your eyes, 'cause you're happy.