Sunday, August 5, 2012

Deep sea script

dream is real, not pretend
like the deep end 
crystallized memories
cut from the trees 
amber and honeybees. 
your branches sway, moved by the Wind
driftwood and glass bottle remnants 
traces of sand always linger. 

Braided beauty, i see the stories in your eyes 
what jungles have you wandered? what gardens do you hide? 

you're a kite!
glittering green 
woven from leaves 
head over heels in flight

you're a map! 
torn from a storybook
every cavern and hide
every treasure and tide
colored with ink 

your lions have no cages
your journal filled with pages
your play is bright
like a blank page, sail in the wind, write your lines
a beautiful shanty, deep sea script. 

salt stings, but you know how to heal
and befriend the shattered sharks like me
let's run away to sea
and never grow old. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012


magnetic eyes
you terrify me, tranquilize
jet black night leopard 
bright eyed bird at morning breaking
frightless, not flightless
beautiful storm, brazen sword
a Falcon. 
a compass, a flinted arrow, a tidal rise 
you know the Way
and none can quench the fire, none can change your carbon mind
steel and fire heart, bright ember- alive and growing 
traced with silver, laced with gold
lens, lightning, compose frightening

son of thunder- i've heard you sing
swimming in the flood
i've seen the innocence in you 
follow the sky 
your father is with you. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Deciphered Tiger

not delicate
I. will. decipher you.
pretend you're a clock
or a pocket watch
like precision, pristine machine
layers/locked up, rusted keys
you find strength in chains and pyrite pain. 

what makes you tick, where did your smile go? 
beautiful machinery.
combination, click, unwind
unlock, a flicker, flight, design

spinning statue, potters wheel 
code inscription, stainless steel
mechanical bee! wound up, no traction
cogs, encryption, fright and fraction 
closed, connected, perfect action
encased in layers- mirror distraction. 


you are wild fire
gold and desire 
not apparatus 
not a puzzle or trap 
not trickery
but a bleeding red Rose.
heart of stone, saturate- come alive
flaming flesh is brighter than light 
like a fiery Tiger. 
burning one, you are a storm, a rain dance-
a raging ocean, a painted sunset
not armour and idols, but a goddess
green and growing
you are poetry.

shining one, you are a sunrise
flight and freedom
singing child
my Beloved.